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Liberal insanity persists in the face of reality

Talk show host Mark Levine says the way to get out of debt is to spend more money.  And to reach out to the religious right, whom Democrats hate, he even quotes the bible. 

“Too few Americans know basic economics.”  Well, that comes as a surprise to me, since basic economics is don’t spend what you don’t have.  Or, in other words you don’t get out of debt by going further into debt, but his arrogance is no surprise. Democrats think we’re stupid.  He goes on to say, “Some of these principles are thousands of years old. You go back to the Bible and Joseph’s dream, and what did he tell the Pharaoh? Save the money in good times, the grain, and spend it in bad times.”

Let’s consider Mr. Levine’s arguments for biblical economics.  First, to correct a few facts.  It was Pharaoh’s dream, not Joseph’s, but that’s a minor snafu compared to what follows.  Mr. Levine says Egypt spent their money, grain, in hard times to get out of those times, which isn’t true.

Egypt, if you’re familiar with your Bible was going to experience seven years of plenty followed by seven years of drought.  Joseph, who was released from prison because he could interpret dreams, interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream and advised him to store up as much as he could in the times of plenty, so Egypt would have food in the time of famine.  Joseph was put in charge of the program, and ran it so well that when famine came Egypt had enough to feed her own people, and plenty to sell to her neighbors, increasing the wealth of Pharaoh.

Egypt didn’t spend anything. It saved and set aside in times of plenty so that it would have the resources it needed in times of scarcity.   What Levine is suggesting the Democrats do, to borrow his metaphor, is to borrow more and more grain from a world in drought, and feed people with it, instead of saying, let’s be frugal, plant as much as we can, marshal our resources to water the grain, and go hungry for a season so that we can grow a crop that will feed everyone.  He wants to buy grain from our neighbors, taking from coffers that can’t be refilled until we have grain of our own to sell, and rather than planting it, he wants to make cakes and feed everyone, and then go an borrow more grain, promising that once everyone is fed, they’ll be able to go out and harvest their fields… except, remember, there’s nothing to harvest. 

Democrats don’t get it, which is either incompetence or stupidity.  Either way, it’s foolish to leave them with power. When you’re over your head drowning in debt, you don’t take out another load.  You don’t lose weight by eating more food, and you don’t get out of a recession by raising taxes and taking money from companies that are the wealth makers and job creators.  If you let a company keep more of its money, they will invest it in growing their business, which means they have to buy goods and services, and they have to hire employees.  The math is neither complicated or difficult.  Perhaps Mr. Levine assumes Americans don’t know basic economics because it’s a myster to him. We tend to think of others what we know about ourselves.

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