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A Government Out of Control

life-supportI don’t think there can be any doubt that we have a government out of control.  We’ve long been skidding like a car on ice, barely missing obstacles that would wreck our once great nation.  I hate to use the past tense, but I have to be honest.  We are no longer a great nation.  We have diminished in individual liberty and responsibility, and make no mistake, those two are inextricably tied one to another. Our greatness came from that independence of the individual, but there can be no personal freedom where there is no personal responsibility.  And as we have lost our freedoms, so we have lost our greatness. 

For several decades now we’ve been stripping individual liberty from our citizens.  Children who are bullied are no longer allowed to stand up for themselves, but must run to an adult for protection.  People no longer save for their retirement, but rely on Social Security.  People no longer work hard and save to buy a house, they live in government housing, and rely on laws that force banks to underwrite a mortgage the person can’t afford.  Company’s are too big to fail and so we use tax dollars to bail them out.  The list goes on, but with each thing for which the individual was responsible in days past being taken over by the state, so goes a freedom. 


Make no mistake, this is the United States on life support. We flat lined a while ago, and have been kept on life support in the form of excessive loans, sixteen trillion dollars to date.

The latest loss of freedom is the massive power grab by the NSA.  For months they’ve been quietly gathering data from our phone records, our Internet searches, our emails, and Obama only knows what else. 


Another freedom was lost, I’m not sure when, but I suspect around the Great Depression, when we changed our view of the government, from a dangerous but necessary institution to one where we see it as an essential and beneficial entity. If nothing else, this latest breach of trust should teach us that government never is the friend of man. It is, always at its best when it is at its least, and we must never forget, not ever, the wise words of Thomas Paine:


Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.

And even though we’re on life support, I do believe America can revive itself, but not until we remove the cancer at our center.  We must cut and chop and burn out the excesses of our government’s intruding tendrils, we must hack and hew the weedy outgrowth that has spread the government far beyond its Constitutional boundaries, and that means, first and last, we must shrug off our dependence on the public teat. 

To be free men, we must be responsible men.  We must fight our own battles, pay our debts, and stand on our own.  Until we return to our roots and tell the Government to back off, we will continue to lose our freedom, and one day we will wake and find ourselves shackled in chains of our own making. 

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