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Atheism vs. Antitheism


It may seem odd that a conservative blog like TNF  would have a picture omitting God in the idea of creation, but I have no problem with atheism, as a belief, or as an argument in how things should be done in our country. 

However, after having spent some time discussing these things on another site I realized there are two kinds of people who don’t believe in God. There are atheist, those for whom the existence of God is an untenable premise based on empirical evidence and personal experience.  I respect that belief and their right to hold it.  Likewise, they have shown me a similar respect for my own theistic predilections. 

The other kind of non-believer is the antitheist.  These individuals do not simply profess a non belief in God, but express an irrational hatred of all religion, religious institutions, and religious people. They do not have, either through inability or unwillingness, an ability to view religion in an objective way.

To the antitheist, all religion is evil, all religious people fools and idiots, and the cause of all human suffering.  They are bigots in every sense of the word. They look down on theists as intellectually inferior. They are in favor of laws repressing the rights of religious groups and individuals, restricting our right of assembly and expression. Their bigotry is no different than the racism of the 50’s and 60’s.  It is no different than the hate that drove Nazi Germany to enact the worst atrocities of human history. 

Bigotry in any form is dangerous. We would laugh at any attempt by the Klu Klux Klan to restrict the rights of minorities, but we would be wise to remember that there was a time when these bigoted hate-mongers had the ear of the nation.  They were once revered and respected, and they tried to establish laws to restrict the rights of men based on nothing more than their skin.

Today’s antitheists are supported by the courts. They argue that it’s only right and fair to take down religious monuments, to restrict free speech when it’s in the form of a public prayer.  They have the sympathy of a nation that feels guilty, over what is not certain, and so they grant these hate filled individuals powers and influence similar to that given to racists in days gone by. We are overly, and wrongly too sensitive to the wants of a few at the expense of the rights of the many. 

We are a nation of many diverse beliefs and ethnicities, but we do not show respect for the few by oppressing the many. We do it by respecting and protecting the rights of all to assemble, to pray or not to pray regardless of their belief.  We thrive as a people when all beliefs are respected.  I would welcome a Muslim prayer as much as a Christian one in the public forum.  What I will never welcome is silencing anyone who wishes to pray, because that is the first step toward silencing everyone… on everything.

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