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This Nation Free began in 1993 as a small press publication called American Heritage.  The name was later changed to Common Sense, an homage to Thomas Paine’s seminal work that enlightened the early Americans.  With the advent of the digital age and the Internet, Common Sense moved online. The name, as you might imagine, was taken.  There were variations on the name, Commonsense619, but I wanted something simple, evocative, and quintessential in nature. I thought about all the things that led to our great country’s rise, its formation, and enduring cause of liberty. What, I asked, made this nation free, and what does it take to keep us free?

In that question was the name I’d been looking for. This Nation Free.

The principles of freedom and liberty are not arbitrary.  They are set in eternal, even divine principles of truth, accountability, personal responsibility, and morality.  This nation’s freedom is dependant upon the majority of her citizens adhering to those principles.  But they are under attack. 

TNF was established to promote and encourage those principles. 

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