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The Maxims of Liberty

These maxims are the result of my own studies and thoughts. These ideas are expressed in my own words, except where they were better expressed by their originators.

Do not confuse eloquence for truth.

Do not confuse education for intelligence.

Do not confuse charisma for character.

Do not confuse bluntness for honesty.

Freedom is contingent upon personal responsibility and accountability.

Society will not tolerate anarchy and will restrict the rights of its citizens in order to preserve social integrity.

Reason not emotion must be the first and last defense against error and ignorance.

It is not the role of the government to protect us from ourselves.

“Those who would sacrifice liberty for a little security deserve neither liberty nor security.”
Benjamin Franklin

As a man is considered to have a right to his property, so he should be considered to have a property in his rights, and that society or individual who strives to deprive a man of his rights should be considered in the same light as a thief.

“It is the natural order of governement to gain ground while Liberty loses it.”
Thomas Jefferson

It is not possible for the government of any nation, in any time, to provide police protection to everyone all of the time. The first line of protection of our lives, our property, and our liberty rests on the individual.

Beasts feel and react to that feeling. If they feel hate, they react. If they feel hunger they eat, if the feel fear they flee. Only man can reason, and through his reason master his passions. When our passions master us we are no wiser, nor more able to govern ourselves than the basest animal. Society will not tolerate the state of anarchy that such abandonment of reason invites, and will endow governement with sufficient power to stay chaos and preserve society, no matter the cost to individual liberty. This is the natural course of society, and it can no more be denied than we can stay the earth in its orbit. If we will not govern ourselves, society will take away our rights and impose its will upon us. Ultimately, freedom is the act of behaving responsibly, and more freedom is lost by failing to do so than by the usurpation of tyrants.

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